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Fahrradverleih auf Mallorca: Rechte und bewährte Praktiken für Radfahrer

If you decide to ride a bike through Mallorca, it's important to keep in mind what your rights and obligations are as a user of this means of transport. Opting for bike rental in Mallorca is the best alternative, especially if you apply these guidelines to ensure maximum road safety for everyone. We tell you everything here. 

Coexistence between cyclists and drivers 

Do you choose to rent bicycles in Mallorca? We inform you that driving this vehicle assists you with a good number of rights with respect to the car drivers around you. The main one is to be able to drive on the road and be especially respected, as cyclists are the weakest on the road. We must remember that they move without hardly any protection. 

Drivers should: 

· Reduce their speed when they approach you. 

· Get ​​ahead only when traffic permits and, in any case, keeping 1.5 meters of lateral separation distance between the car and your bike. 

In addition, we warn you of your rights and those of your group. You must: 

· Ride in rows of two by road

· Have priority of passage when the first cyclist of the group has already started the crossing or accessed the roundabout 

· Be considered as drivers of a single vehicle at crossings and roundabouts. 

What you should do when cycling in Mallorca 

Your safety also depends on you. If you use the bike rental in Mallorca, or anywhere else in Spain, you must comply with these good cycling practices

· Always carry your identity card or passport with you. 

· Circulate in a responsible and respectful manner. Think of the other users of the road. 

· Never drive after drinking alcohol or drugs

· Always wear a helmet on the road. In the city, children under 16 are also required to use it. 

· Never wear headphones, either to listen to music or to talk on your mobile. 

· Use bright and visible elements (clothing or accessories), if you travel in areas of poor visibility. 

· On the road, move along the side of the road and, if there isn't one, close to the right. Never ride a bike on highways. 

· In the city, move along the bike lanes and the cycle paths. When there isn't one, go down the right lane of the road; Never on the sidewalks. 

· You shouldn't circulate in bunch, but in a row of two at most. If you go by road without a shoulder, you have to go one by one. 

· You can be accompanied by a vehicle, which will be attached to the right and visibly marked with the legend V-22. 

Cycle with the greatest safety and enjoy this means of transport to the fullest. This way, rental of bicycles in Mallorca becomes an extraordinary alternative for your mobility.


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