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Schlüssel zum Reisen mit dem Fahrrad auf Mallorca

Bike rental in Mallorca is a very beneficial alternative for all users who decide to visit the island or for residents of it. This option allows you to visit all areas of Mallorca healthily and safely since the island has a multitude of specific trails and lanes for cycling and visiting every corner of the city. Therefore, we will give three tips to make your route around the island unforgettable.

Rent your bike

To cycle in Mallorca, we will have to find a good bicycle to be able to circulate safely and comfortably. In this way, we do not recommend renting the first bike you see, as it can be uncomfortable with the passage of kilometers. Instead, you should go to a rental space to get advice and show you the options, like Gomyla Cycling Mallorca.

Mallorca is a place adapted to bicycles, so you have a wide variety of types of bicycles so that you can find the one that best suits your needs. Here you can opt for both road bikesmountain bikeshybrid bikes, or electric bikes.

Study the route

Mallorca is a place that offers you many possibilities for sightseeing, although, if you go by bike, you must establish the route that best suits your needs, both the stamina you have and the unevenness you may encounter. You should not worry about it, since there are mountain trails and flat routes so that each person can walk wherever they want.

Even so, before leaving you should take a map and see which are the routes that interest you, taking into account aspects such as the aforementioned unevenness, the hours you can be on the road, or if the night catches you. This last aspect is very important since if you go in winter, it is recommended that you go out earlier because it also gets dark much earlier than in summer.

Get ready

You have the bike and you have the route, but you still can't get out. A third fundamental aspect is missing, such as preparing the bag with isotonic drink and water for the road. Also, most of the bikes you find for rent have a metal bottle with a clamp built into the bike frame so you can drink on the go.

You can also make it more complete by bringing sandwiches, some fruit, or other food and eating outdoors in one of the many picnic areas on the island. Also, you are sure to appreciate this stop to continue the route and get to know Mallorca as you have never done before.

In summary, bike rental in Mallorca is an opportunity that you should not miss to visit the island differently and healthily.


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