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Bike rental in Mallorca: keys to place the handlebar and saddle

More and more people are choosing to rent bikes in Mallorca, as it is one of the best ways to get to know the island. However, you must bear in mind that to be comfortable on the bike you have to know how to adjust fundamental elements, such as the saddle and the handlebars.

The importance of the saddle and the handlebar for cycling in Mallorca

When you go by bike you have to check that you are comfortable while pedaling and that you move safely. Therefore, you have to make sure that the saddle is well-placed and adapted to your height and the same with the handlebars.

In fact, these two elements are connected according to the way you pedal, hence you have to find a correct balance between the position of these objects so that your back doesn't suffer, especially if you are going to be many hours on the bicycle.

How to attach the bicycle saddle

As we say, comfort is essential, so before riding the bike you'll have to prove that, once seated, you reach the pedals with ease and that it's easy for you to lean on the ground. What's more, the first is as important as the second, since when you stop you must put your feet on the ground in a comfortable way.

In the same way, it's necessary that in the test of placement of the chair you notice that you don't feel discomfort when you sit down and that, when you lean towards the handlebars, your back is not in a very curved position. Also, the ideal is that with a slight incline you can reach the handlebars with the same height in both arms.

Keys to place the handlebar of a bike

The position of the handlebar influences that of the saddle and vice versa. Thus, the higher you have the handlebar relative to the saddle, the less weight your hands will have to support. This implies that on the descents and having a high handlebar, the bicycle is more manageable because the weight does not fall as much on the front wheel. However, this makes climbing steep slopes more difficult.

On the other hand, if you have the handlebar lower than the saddle, it will be the hands that support the most weight, resulting in that our bike will be less manageable on the descents and there will be a greater risk of tipping forward. However, this is positive in the ascents, which will be easier.

In summary, for bike rental in Mallorca, knowing that we are talking about an island with many ups and downs, you would have to opt for a custom height that allows you to have the best balance at all times. And, above all, that when you stop, you reach the ground with your feet and can grip the handlebars firmly with your hands.


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