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Healthy menus for cyclists

What you need to train hard in Mallorca!

Cycling, despite what many people may think, is a very demanding sport and, therefore, healthy menus for cyclists are essential if you want to enjoy cycling in Mallorca.

During your training in Mallorca you must consume enough calories so your legs have "gasoline" to burn but at the same time try that the food you get from them is healthy and provides your body with vitamins, essential oils and fiber for its correct operation.

What to eat if you like cycling in Mallorca?

We offer you a menu from Monday to Friday to keep you fit during your cycling holidays in Mallorca.


Breakfast: banana slices, quinoa with milk and sunflower seeds.

Mid morning: pieces of peach with oatmeal yogurt.

Lunch: pasta and a fruit, like a plum.

Snack: a glass of milk and an integral sandwich with tomato, cheese and turkey.

Dinner: empanada with lettuce and an apple.


Breakfast: kiwi smoothie with oats and arugula.

Mid morning: strawberry milkshake and a ham, tomato and cheese sandwich.

Lunch: curry rice and fish with two nectarines.

Snack: homemade granola and milk.

Dinner: couscous with chicken, pumpkin and spinach. Banana.


Breakfast: milk with oat flakes and strawberries.

Mid morning: peach smoothie with toast with peanut butter.

Lunch: chickpea, barley and pumpkin dumplings. Salad of potatoes, tomato and egg. Peach.

Snack: yogurt and grapefruit juice with energy bars.

Dinner: Grilled veal with quinoa, vegetables and an egg. For dessert, a kiwi.


Breakfast: chia and oatmeal with nuts and banana.

Mid morning: orange juice and a sandwich of cheese, ham, tomato and lettuce.

Lunch: pasta with pork ragout, vegetables and mushrooms. Melon for dessert.

Snack: milk and chocolates.

Dinner: couscous, chicken, sweet and sour squash and spinach. Apple for dessert


Breakfast: banana smoothie with toast and peanut butter.

Mid morning: milkshake, kale and spinach. Toast with olive oil and tomato.

Lunch: rice salad, tuna and vegetables. Apricot.

Snack: yogurt with oats, chopped almonds, raisins and fresh strawberries.

Dinner: sautéed pork and pepper with barley. Peach.

With these healthy menus for cyclists for 5 days you have your week of cycling training in Mallorca covered but do you know other healthy menus for cyclists?

Remember: a healthy diet with lots of calories, nutrients and vitamins is vital for training in Mallorca but you should also enjoy island's typical gastronomy!


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