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The cycling phenomenon

Cycling is trendy, that's a fact. But why? What makes it so attractive to so many people? Without a doubt it's a phenomenon that mobilizes many tourists to come to our island. The fact is that Mallorca is an ideal place for the practice of this sport, since we have perfect routes for all types of cyclists.

The sector has experienced a revolution and in a few years it has gone from being the hobby of a few, to being a sport practiced by millions of people. It's no longer about enjoying the bicycle and that's it, it's about a lifestyle, setting a goal and overcome oneself every day. In addition, it's a perfect way to discover roads, villages, coves, beaches and mountain routes.

And if we add the birth of electric bicycles in all its variants (mountain, road, sport or ride), which has made many people dare to practice cycling, we understand a little better why this practice is so famous. In addition, electric bicycles have not just encouraged people to start practicing this sport, they have also made those who already do now dare routes with greater distance and higher slopes.

But you just have to walk around any big city in the world to realize that it's a growing transport method. Rare is the city that hasn't already incorporated a bike lane into its streets. Obviously, the fact that people are increasingly aware of the environment has made this situation much easier. It begins to notice some concern on issues like pollution and cars saturation in big cities, that's why more and more people choose this method to travel to work or go back home.

It's clear, cycling is trendy, but it's full of advantages. So we'll continue enjoying it. Are you?


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