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The importance of cycling in Mallorca

In recent years, the importance of cycling in Mallorca has grown considerably, currently being one of the most frequently-practiced sports on the island. In fact, it has an extensive network of routes for all different types of people.

Whether you're an occasional cyclist or you tend to spend a lot of time pedalling, Mallorca has a route to offer you according to your level, on which you can enjoy the sport while discovering the island's natural beauty.

The cycling evolution in Mallorca

The invention of the modern bicycle dates back to 1839 and, just 25 years later, the first velocipedes could be seen on the streets of Palma. This method of transportation quickly became popular among the Balearic bourgeoisie and, at the end of the 19th century, the first races were held. The pioneer competition took place in Felanitx, the cycling city par excellence in Mallorca.

Throughout the 20th century, the price of bicycles fell, making them accessible to the majority of the population. Thus, in 1950, the bicycle was fully established on the island, which also hosted world class events in the national and international arenas, such as the first editions of the Challenge Vuelta Ciclista a Mallorca, which is still held today.

The practice of this sport has continued to grow and has experienced a new boom in recent years, turning Mallorca into a pilgrimage destination for cycling enthusiasts, with tourists from all over the world eager to explore the Mallorcan routes.

If you are one of them, races like the  Mallorca Classic or the International Week are two ideal races to test out your level. 

In any case, the importance of cycling in Mallorca is undisputed and we invite you to come and enjoy this sport.


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