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The importance of the bicycle helmet

The helmet is the most important element for the safety of the cyclists when going on route. An essential element to practice this sport.

It doesn't matter if your bike is better or worse, if it's the last model or is the one you have been using for years, if it's more spectacular or discreet. The most important thing, without any doubt, is to wear a good helmet, since in case of an accident, it protects your head from injuries and can save your life.

Remember to select the helmet that best suits your style.

-Urban helmets: Designed specifically for those cyclists who move around the city. They are simple, with few ventilation holes and without a very aerodynamic design.

-Helmets with visor: They are most used for mountain biking. With good ventilation and a small visor, although this can usually be removed.

-Trail helmets: With a larger visor and designed for a quieter discipline, such as the xc or the rally. It has enough holes for ventilation and has a less aerodynamic shape than the previous ones.

-Enduro helmets: This is the MTB discipline most likely to suffer a fall. That's why they are more resistant and protect the whole head.

-Classical road helmets: Similar to mtb but without a visor. Predominates ventilation and aerodynamics. They're the most used by users.

-Semi aero helmets: It sacrifice a little ventilation in favor of aerodynamics. They're becoming popular among professionals.

-Aero helmets: They have practically no ventilation and are designed to have the lowest friction coefficient possible. Perfect for sprinters of professional teams.

It's also important to put well your helmet, assuring that it's not too loose, or placed very down or up.

It may seem unnecessary to wear the helmet for short distances or it can even be annoying sometimes, but your protection and safety should prevail over everything else.

Therefore, we strongly recommend, from Cycles Gomila, that all cycling enthusiasts should worry about their safety wearing a good helmet to enjoy this great sport.


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