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What do I need to go on a cycling route in Mallorca?

Mallorca is the ideal place to enjoy cycling. Throughout the island we find routes of all kinds, road and mountain, which are even the place of training for professional cyclists in the winter months. However, before going on route, you'll have to check that you carry everything, so we will take a look at the essential equipment to make a cycling route through the island.

Cycling routes: what do I need?

The first thing we will look at will be the clothes. If we're going to make a route, we should wear a jersey and shorts that facilitate perspiration. In addition, we avoid getting hooked with anything and the reinforcement of the culotte prevents friction. Look for reflective garments to be more visible. If it's cold, you can protect yourself with trouser legs and sleeves, as well as windbreaks that protect you from water and wind. Socks depend on your preferences (long, short or compressors, for example), but make sure they collect sweat well.

In Mallorca, as in all of Spain, it's mandatory to ride a bicycle with a helmet both on the road and in the mountains. It's the greatest protection we have in case of a fall, minimizing the effects of any mishap. They are becoming more comfortable, light and resistant. Sunglasses protect the eyes from the wind (even if it's cloudy), and it's worth wearing cycling gloves, especially in the mountains. And don't forget the toe pieces to hook your foot to the pedal.

We also have to remember hydration and food. Hydration is basic when we do sports, so we will carry at least one bottle with water and/or salts. If the route exceeds 90 minutes, you have to carry some gel.

In conclusion, on your cycling route through Mallorca you must be prepared. It carries a blowout repair kit, a new camera and an inflator; and don't forget documentation, phone and some money.


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