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Why is the rental of electric bikes in Mallorca good for you?

Bike rental in Mallorca is an activity that can be as entertaining as it is healthy. Therefore, it's worth preparing it sufficiently, since you want to enjoy it to the fullest. Next, we tell you an alternative to enjoy cycling in Mallorca with a small motorized contribution.

Cycling in Mallorca with a motor

The island has many cycling routes of all kinds: flat, parallel to the beach, mountainous, etc. Above all, for the steep slopes, you may be interested in having an electric bicycle.

It's a little help to climb certain slopes or hold on at times when you are most tired. This help, on the other hand, doesn't eliminate that you can continue living your cycling stages traditionally. You'll always be able to choose between propelling your bike only with the pedals or also with the motor.

In any case, we suggest, when you go to buy one of these bikes, that you take a look at those of Gomila Cycling. We have been offering quality products for cycling in the Balearic Islands since 1976.

What are the advantages of choosing an electric bike?

In the following lines, we summarize the various benefits that you'll be able to take advantage of if you opt for a bike with a motor. Take note.

  • You won't have to get off your bike when you have to face the slopes with a greater degree of inclination and longer. Instead of carrying it on your back, if you can't continue any more, you have the possibility to climb them quietly on your saddle.
  • Driving one of these bikes gives you the same rights as any rider. Therefore, you'll be able to circulate on the bike lanes without any problem.
  • If you are running late to get somewhere or something unforeseen has arisen, the engine will be your great ally to gain greater speed and be at the time you wanted.
  • Using an electric bicycle represents a considerable saving compared to the use of other means of transport. Especially compared to the car, but also, for example, to public buses.
  • Using one of these bikes doesn't mean, far from it, that you are going to stop pedalling. In fact, those who use them will always have a greater tendency to do physical exercise than those who don't have a bike.
  • Finally, don't forget that the electric bike is a zero emissions vehicle. So, if you are committed to the environment, you can be clear that using it doesn't increase your ecological footprint.

In short, bike rental in Mallorca, at Gomila Cycling, extends to electric bikes. They allow you to exercise and have a small contribution of speed. Ask for our catalogue!


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